Openoffice screenupdating

Ole Property Get("left Page Header Content"); Header Text = Header Left. Ole Property Set("string","My test header"); Page Style.

openoffice screenupdating-21

Service Manager"); } catch (...) { return false; } if (Var Type(Service Manager) == var Dispatch) Desktop = Service Manager.

Ole Function("Load Component From URL", “private:factory/scalc”, "_blank", 0, Variant Array ); Sheets = Document. Ole Function("get By Name", “Sheet1”); Cell = Sheet.

Ole Function ("Load Component From URL", “private:factory/scalc”, "_blank", 0, Variant Array ).

Font Name = "Verdana"' End If'*********************************************** Dim o Font As New Std Font Dim b Ans As Boolean o Font.

Name = Font Name b Ans = Str Comp(Font Name, o Font.

Name, vb Text Compare) = 0 Font Exists = b Ans End Function Hi and welcome to the forum! To rewrite the macro will depend on your learning of the OOo macro...

Check the first sticky in this section, it contains some links to documentation.

Hi, I am completely new to macros but now have an MS Word macro that I would like the functionality of when using Open Office Writer.

The macro 'joins' the writing of a set of specific fonts.


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