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C., Landis' tendency to overwhelm co-stars explains why she never got the plum starring roles more demure bombshells like Rita Hayworth and Rhonda Fleming got.

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(Marie Windsor, Maxine Cooper and Jane Russell are better defined as 1950s fatales.) But beyond these are some mostly forgotten screen-melting babes who first helped change the face of women in film, and society for that matter.

Here we remember ten that if nothing else deserve to be remembered. In the noir classic, I Wake Up Screaming, Landis "plain" sister is played by... Imagine outshining "the woman who won World War II".

More Femme Fatale shots can be seen at Classic Film Star Photos. But Landis did it via a combination of confident personality and a face and body that would cost a fortune to buy today.

In addition to Grable, Landis steals and One Million B.

Eventually she graduated to leads in "B" films and second leads in "A" pictures where she usually played a home-wrecker: "I seem to be a woman always with a gun in her purse...

I go from one set to the other shooting people and stealing husbands!" A statuesque 5'7" when most leading ladies were a half foot shorter, Bari looked like she could smack the snot out of half of her leading men. After the thirties, where Tarzan and Jane seemed to be the only ones having any fun, the finality and fatality of World War II seemed to get the public and the movies interested in the peculiar carnal desires of men and women when danger loomed -- especially when danger loomed. It's like somebody discovering for the first time that being naughty can be more fun than being nice. everything a man ready to die for his country could ever desire. Suspense films carried femme fatales into the 1950s too, but there is nothing quite like a 1940s femme fatale.Some of the forties femme fatales became unforgettable parts of pop culture: Rita Hayworth flipping her hair in , Betty Grable's "legs", Veronica Lake's hairdo.Other forties fatales built well-remembered careers across film genres: Barbara Stanwyck, Rhonda Fleming, Dorothy Malone, Lana Turner, Gene Tierney, Gloria Grahame, and Ida Lupino.


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