Paperport hangs updating items

For me, I chose to make it look almost like Paperport, excluding the toolbar at the bottom.

XNVIEW has the functions, for emailing images, documents and pretty much everything else Paperport does.

Obviously, the interface GUI is slightly different, but is not a mirror- this is an alternative…

But my alternative to Paperport is very similar; it doesn’t have all the bells whistles, but I think we can account for what it doesn’t have right our of the box [].

My alternative to Paperport is XNVIEW; it’s a free program for personal or educational use, but if you’ve to buy it- it’s an awesome value and all future updates are free; you can’t beat that.

And so the first question should be what does it look like?

Well that answer depends on you; there are several options for the program layout.

So if you want to use your own editor or OCR or whatever you can do that and this really the strong point of XNVIEW.

While Xn View handles over 400 file formats natively, you can add more.

And while Paperport has ignored Thunderbird users for years on the issue of being able to email items using Paperport and Thunderbird; Xn View does this with no problem.

I couple of weeks ago, I did a review on the latest version of Paperport v12 Professional.

I was reviewing the product as anyone would if they were looking to apply it in the corporate environment or at home; what did it do? During the process of reviewing and dissecting the program, going through it’s various functions, I thought about all the programs I’ve ever used and does what Paperport does…

With everything that Paperport does, could it be replaced it something else- an alternative? One of the most attractive things about Paperport is that it attempts to put everything at your finger tips when the program starts.

The tree listing of items on the left with the thumbnail images on the right; action option for those items are located at the bottom.


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