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Those roulette players who know that in their lifetime, and at the casinos where they play, the chances of beating the modern wheels are remote but such a fact doesn’t bother them.They attempt to use advantage-play systems even in games where they have no advantage.Grandma would call these folks “nutty dreamers” and indeed they are.

Nana would say to me to make her point clear, “Frankie, you can dream all you want but get your butt out there to work.” Those #1 players, the moaners and whiners, I wish would retire to a knitting society or they could, at the very least, shut up.

Players of the #2 stamp are nice people and fun to have dinner with.

Players #3 and #4 are my focus for this column as they are the individuals who have the best chance, not necessarily to win, but to have a damn good time trying.

Nana would call these folks the “lights of the party” even if Lady Luck were leading them on.

Those who try to beat the game by attempting to find biased (“hot”) or unbalanced wheels and exploit such opportunities.

Nana called these the “Pandora people” and they rely on the last thing that remained in Pandora’s Box (actually a big jar) of evils – hope!Nana says these types are “dogged” and rarely give up.Those players who realize that the house has the edge on every bet during a random game and are therefore negative about the whole thing.They certainly play but they also whine and moan and annoy everyone around them.Nana Margaret would call such types “miserable people.”Those roulette players who realized that roulette was an unbeatable game in the long run but enjoyed the opportunity to test Lady Luck.They tend to be upbeat even if they are getting beat.

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