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If not, you haven’t experienced what it really means to live… It was an excessive time and even though I spent most of my time in Thailand I also had the pleasure to visit the Philippines.

About two months ago I ended my three months long trip through South East Asia.

I would lie when I would say that I fell in love with this country the moment I stepped out of the airport. In case you have ever been there you probably know that there is only one word that describes this city: Horror! The pollution and the annoying sales men who tried to sell you your own phone that after they stole it from you were not the worst.

In case you want to close this article now and call me names because you assume that I have an evil plan to send you from smoke to smother, I ask you to bear with me for a second.

When I say that the educated and in this country are perfect for your seduction plans, I also mean it.

I would never in a million years compare hard-working Filipinas who have several college degrees with the career women in the West.

I felt a strong need to escape from this horrible place.

That’s why I decided to book a flight to Cebu city.

I had never been there and I didn’t know if it would be worse than Manila.

The moment I landed on the beautiful island with the name Cebu was the moment when I mean, just look at all the interests I received in just a couple of minutes!

Then join the one dating sites with more cute Filipinas that you can possibly meet I already said that the girls are incredibly beautiful.

I mean, if you are not into Asian women and not into South American women you won’t be attracted to them.


  1. Unfortunately many old family photographs are not annotated with the sitter’s name. Will dating my old photograph help me to decide who the subject is?

  2. Je kunt meteen tegen elkaar praten, en als je liever met iemand anders praat wordt je door één klik op de knop doorgestuurd.

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