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The Applications Quality Pack bundle includes all stable, defect-fix patches for HP-UX Operating Environment (OE) applications. But can be download only "Hardware Enablement Patches" without logging to the website.

Please note that 1012 in the patch name indicates the year and month (YYMM). In June and December for HP-UX 11i Version 2 In March and September for HP-UX 11i Version 3 Q: Does CA Patch Manager support Hardware Enablement and Feature Enablement patches? Q: Are there any perquisites for CA Patch Manager In order to create a 'CA - HP-UX 11.23/11.31 Quality Pack Patch Bundle XXXX'? "CA UPM Manual Download Function" package is required to be installed on the UPM Server. What are the detailed logs to check the QPK patch bundle installation information deployed by CA Patch Manager?

Installation Flow (Flow Chart) FAQ Q: What is HP Operating Environment (OE)? This package has been developed to handle dynamic download URLs by vendors like HP, Sun, IBM etc. uuid=1700ce5a-9444-466b-a692-fcbe5bdf8bde#section1 Q: Are there any perquisites for the agents in order to deploy a 'CA - HP-UX 11.23/11.31 Quality Pack Patch Bundle XXXX' package from CA Patch Manager? The package uses "wget" to download the patch bundle on to the agent from CA ITCM Scalability server. You can manually download and install "wget" on agents from the below URLs. What is the command to check the Quality Pack Bundle version information? A: Or can be check the files /var/adm/sw/and /var/adm/sw/created by the system. Is it possible to ignore the auto reboot of the machine after successful installation of QPK patch bundle?

A: HP now sells HP-UX 11i in Operating Environments (OEs).

OEs are HP-tested and integrated operating system plus application bundles designed to simplify installation and maintenance while providing the functionality needed for the system's purpose.

To know more about HP-UX operating system release history, visit the following link.

content CA Patch Manager supports only the Quality Pack (QPK) Patch Bundles for HP-UX 11i V2 and HP-UX 11i V3.

Quality Pack (QPK) The Quality Pack (QPK) consists of two patch bundles: the Base Quality Pack bundle and the Applications Quality Pack bundle.

The Base Quality Pack bundle includes all stable, defect-fix patches for the Core OS, graphics, and key networking drivers.

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