Play gt5 without updating

The other highlight of the update is the ability to connect multiple Play Station 3s and monitors to initiate a multi-monitor display mode for a wide-angle playing view.

This requires one PS3 for each monitor (up to a maximum of five monitors for a 180-degree field of vision), along with one copy of the game.

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Game gently warns that "Install of game data can take up to 50 minutes".

See you somewhat later then, I'm going to do somthing useful It took 40 minutes. Clutch works, same style as GT5: Prologue, no official support, you still have to press triangle before the race, but the beauty is here. In the line somewhere between cruelty of Academy TT Demo and Prologue.

First bunch of installed data is actually 6.4GB, but we have already learned that game will continue to install (decompress) the data during playtime. My first ride was Trial Mountain with F40, S1 tyres, all aids OFF (ABS on 1), Professional setting.

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong recently announced a new online update for Gran Turismo 5 that is now available upon starting up the game.

The new update adds a slew of features, including remote racing between PSN friends to level up their drivers.

To use the new features, players set their AI drivers created from B Spec mode and then host remote races within their circle of PSN friends for rewards and experience points.The remote racing feature can now be displayed on the game's official website ( and displays results and progress charts for players to keep track of.It’s an absolutely pointless addition for the common player of GT5 and it’s the kind of thing that will surely be used by less than a per cent of those who own the game.It needs thousands of pounds worth of kit to set up, for eff’s sake.It’s pretty much totally unnecessary and really makes me wonder what the hell is going on with the game.It also makes me think: good golly gosh, I love Gran Turismo 5, Polyphony Digital and Kazunori Yamauchi.

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