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But if you want to watch Chinese girls video for learning about them I recommend a few things.You can use Youku If you do get married or live in China the least restrictive city is of course Hong Kong.

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These are popular Chinese language (simplified Chinese language) portals. You need to use translate tool and find out how to sign up for their chat and dating part. I do not understand Chinese culture but I have been watching Chinese videos to learn a little Chinese and understand it more.

But when you do there are 100s of millions of normal Chinese girls that will chat with you. I am not looking for a Chinese bride because I am married.

In fact I do not even look at Chinese girls when I watch the video, I want to learn Chinese.

We will be left with one heck of an increase in single Chinese girls.

There are more Chinese girls than any ethnicity or culture in the world. Once Chinese living abroad or as rules liberalized get past the one child per family policy, the number of Chinese people in the world will expand exponentially.

But that is more the next generation and after our time.

For now we will have to settle for the 500 million single Chinese girls over 18 ready to date.

Chinese girls brides When I write Chinese girls for brides I mean adult normal 25-year-old Chinese girls brides. I am an American living in Europe and only have limited experience with Chinese girls as friends, but what they have conveyed to me is they are traditional and want a family and want to take care of their family.

Girls is like the word ‘guy’ or like ‘girl friend’ or ‘boy friend’. They are not aggressive or demanding, generally of course, it’s not in their culture.

Therefore, for a guy who wants a loving family and a peaceful home Chinese girls are good brides. If you are catholic they may convert to be your bride but in their heart they are not religious. Therefore, if this matters at all to you, do not consider a Chinese girl for a bride as you could have trouble in the future.

Gandhi said, “You are your religion.” This is true. Social networking in China – Sites I recommend for finding dates Do Chinese women scam you on dating sites?


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