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The process documented in this article can be used in any Lync 2010 or 2013 environment to setup a centralized provisioning server for managing Polycom SIP phones running Polycom Unified Communications Software (UCS).This article is not intended to replace or accompany any official Polycom documentation.Instead this process alone can be used to deploy a basic provisioning server in a lab or testing environment when evaluating Polycom SIP phones, and much of the guidance contained reflects a non-production scenario.

In this article a basic FTP server will be used but the phones also support the TFTP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols.

When a factory-reset device is first powered on it will check for specific DHCP Options that may be defined on the network which would provide a path to the provisioning server.

If this information is found then it will connect to that file service, authenticate with a pre-configured username and password, and then look for one of two specific filenames stored in the root directory.

First the device will look for a configuration filename matching its MAC address (e.g. Regardless of which file is downloaded it will contain a defined parameter which tells the device where to locate firmware packages and what (if any) additional configuration files to look for.

By default the firmware packages are stored at the root of the directory and each individual phone model is programmed to look for a specific filename unique to each model (e.g. It is not recommended to use an existing Lync Server also as the FTP server, thus the guidance that a separate Windows host be utilized.

files to the directory to store device-side settings (e.g. Specifically Microsoft FTP services in Internet Information Server are used in this example, running on Windows Server 2012 on a dedicated host. Before setting up the file server it is important to understand that the UCS firmware is pre-programmed with a default username and password which is used during authentication to the provisioning server.The default credentials use the same string for both the username and password and are stored in as case-sensitive so if the FTP server uses case-sensitive username and/or password make sure the uppercase and lowercase characters are used correctly.When looking to provision any of these out-of-band features, like Paging, or when dealing with device firmware updates then it is required to deploy a centralized server to provide this today.The provisioning server is not a specific product or solution, it is basically just a centrally-accessible file store which contains certain files that the devices are programmed to look for.The phones will look for specific firmware files to perform an upgrade/downgrade and will download and upload configuration data in XML files.Polycom UCS devices can utilize a variety of different file server platforms to store and manage both firmware packages and configuration files, no additional third-party software is required.


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