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They will never know God’s best, and they will have many lessons to learn the hard way that they did not learn before they were married. Sadly many people have settled for what they think they want and will literally settle for this when if they would have sought God and His will, He would have given them something so much better. Young person, I urge you to begin thinking about marriage now and preparing yourself for it without involving yourself in the worldly and dangerous dating game for teenagers established by Satan himself!

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Early dating relationships push the young person to grow up without growing up.

They feel that they have arrived and have become independent, without taking the time to wait upon God and learn the life’s lessons that God has for them. Exactly, you know what I mean and are proving the point!

They in truth are forcing their will above God’s will. But young person, you must focus 100% of your life upon the Lord. Many teenagers run their life looking towards one young man or young woman and are completely distracted from God! How much better to make it your goal to seek God’s timing and seek after His will and let Him bring the special someone into your life in His time!

If you mention this word, there is not one teenagers ear that is not listening intently. God has put within the heart of a man the desire for a mate.

The Bible speaks specifically about it not being good for a man to be alone. Through the years a philosophy has evolved as Christianity has some closer to mirroring the world. Dating is not for fun, status, coolness, friendships, or some emotional fling that you get out of it.

This philosophy is that of teenage dating relationships. Consider some thoughts from the book of Proverbs: The first part of Proverbs chapter five deals with the strange woman and avoiding moral sin in ones life. You need to begin acquiring the wisdom of God about marriage now! You need to be seeking God’s timing on marriage now! Contrary to the lie of Satan, the pop-philosophy of this culture, the Justin Beiber cutesy girlfriend trend, and the lack of discernment amongst authorities today, you are not ready for marriage. You are not ready to give your heart away to this boy and that girl while you are fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen. How sad it is to see this trend among the young people today. Some will allow it, some will even aid and abet this. God does not work this way neither does He plan for you to get involved in these relationships prior to the proper time for you to be ready to consider marriage. It is important for every young person to take heed to these warnings. You say, well I am a young person and that is not for me. Your heart and your emotions are some of the strongest things that the Lord has built into you, and how many young people carelessly throw them around to this boy or that girl while they are teenagers. We would never think of handing our twelve year old the car keys. We would say that he does not have the skills or possess the abilities or the discernment and discretion, nor the knowledge and wisdom to drive the car. By Kelli Mahoney A dating checklist is something you can use to make sure the person you're in a relationship with is a person that will be a positive influence on you, your life, and your faith.It's easy to let the excitement of someone liking us take over and make dating decisions based on just wanting to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you're answering no to a majority of the dating checklist questions, then this probably isn't going to be a happy or fun relationship.However, there are some things we should consider in a dating relationship, and a dating checklist makes us think through things clearly. However, the dating checklist is not the be all, end all guide to finding a good person to date.What it does do is help you make a good decision when you think you like someone.


  1. This sort of reaction to the message of that article - which was about how despite the attestations of modern society that everyone is perfect, just the way they are - all the people who don't bother to improve themselves much it. That is somewhat the fault of those people - there are enough sources out there preaching the benefits of targeting yourself as your main focus for improvement and upgrades that if you ignore the fault of society at large - somehow, somewhere along the way, we lost something.

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