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For the sake of the firm, Mike decides to choose plea bargain so that he can terminate any further investigation on Harvey and the firm.

This means he will have to spend a few years in prison.

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There will also be other new characters that will help Mike serve his sentence endurably.

According to reports, Mike will meet three new characters in this season.

Kevin Miller (Erik Palladino), a cell mate, will be like the closest friend he has while doing time.

As the weeks pass by, the two will find comfort and trust for each other.

According to the teaser, Harvey is looking crestfallen as the trial finishes.

Even though Mike lied to him about his background, Harvey began to respect him over the years.

As Mike adapts to his new life in a prison cell, he is seen getting lot of moral support from Harvey.

He is also expected to visit him more often in the prison so that Mike doesn't let depression get to him.

Frank Gallo (Paul Schulze) will teach Mike how to adjust to the prison life.

Finally, he will get immense help from Malcolm-Jamal Warner, counselor, who will try to keep Mike from giving in to despair.

Macht said in an interview that season 6 looks like it will be gloomy for its characters but that will not always be the case.

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