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"We take the experience and the safety of all our users seriously, both in and out of app," a Grindr spokesperson wrote in an email to VICE."While we can't make people behave better overnight, we in no way support any form of discrimination." They went on to elaborate that Grindr bans profiles containing hateful content, as stated in the app's terms of service, and vets user reports of such activity daily.

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The piece, which used interviews with members of the ever-maligned millennial generation to conclude that—surprise!

—it's easier than ever to hook up in the smartphone age, was just one of an endless stream of thinkpieces declaring dating apps the harbinger of the end of human romance.

For many cisgender people, it truly is easier to date, hook up, and otherwise couple than ever.

But for those who are trans or gender nonconforming, dating online is much tricker.

Navigating popular dating apps while trans can often feel like diving into shark-infested waters.

Last year, reports emerged that transgender Tinder users were being "reported" to the service as gender-nonconforming and banned.

In June, nearly a year later, Tinder CEO Sean Rad announced the app will unveil a better experience for gender nonconforming users within the next few months, albeit with scant details as to exactly what they have in store.

On Grindr, one of the world's most widely used gay dating apps, trans users report near-daily harassment; Trans Men on Grindr, a Tumblr that chronicles the bald-faced discrimination trans users face there (and on other gay dating apps like Scruff), makes brutally clear that even on supposedly progressive queer dating platforms, trans users are subject to bigotry and intolerance.

"I don't believe the majority of our society has seen trans lives as human up until recently," user experience designer and founder of My Trans Health Robyn Kanner told VICE.


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