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After writing up the last story about my ex-gf who was a little "freaky" it reminded me of the first week we were dating and a hot session that blew my mind.When we first started dating, (she lived on the floor below me in an apartment) we would often spend time together but we...Hey all, sorry for the extra long wait on part 2, it's such a juicy tale that I feel it's time to share.

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I was 17 and had the day off from my part time job at a fast food place.

I woke up feeling really sexy and horny that morning.

So, I called a few of my friends, mostly boys, to see if any of them wanted to hang...

My friend Marsha and I had just done our first video, and we decided to visit a ***** club to see if we could recruit a dancer or two to do videos.

I'd been to clubs before to see if any dancers wanted to model, but had been thrown out. We went to the movies the other night and as usual my husband had me dressed all sexy for him as he just loves looking at me in public dressed like that..

When we walked in the movie there was about 30 people in there so we sat in the middle before the lights went out.. but the best was probably one night just after dark when my gf and I stopped by the park after dinner and we did it on the play set. there were no races that day but they do the simulcast thing.

We were up on the swinging bridge between two slides. Used to go visit a gf's family who would rent a house in Vermont every year. We don't really bet on the races but they have a bar and we like to people watch...

When I was 18 my girlfriend and I happily ****** in my synagogues restroom.

It was saturday after AM services, and while I don't usually go to services, I really wanted to walk around with my tiny little Tara Reid looking girlfriend to rub it in my former Jewish Sunday School...

In the mid '90's a friend and I stumbled into a pub that was apparently closed for a private party - the BMW Christmas party, but the door man had stepped away for a moment and we walked right in without realizing it.

Soon we were surrounded by older fat men in expensive suits...


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