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They reason that it’s possible for Shin and Kyu-won to hang out because they’re neighbors, and nothing more.Shin admits that he didn’t want rumors spreading if Sa-rang really saw them together on a date.All the girls would also rise up against Kyu-won and make her life troublesome. Kyu-won thinks that they might as well not do anything together then, in case they get caught.

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Rainie yang dating

Well, we end up back at home, the next day, where Kyu-won’s father has actually come down to Seoul.

He has business in the city, and offers to give his daughter a ride to school.

Next door, Shin’s mother is wondering where her son went, and finds that he left for school early. As if the cuteness will never end, they walk side by side, and Kyu-won swings her hands so much so that it will brush his.

Hee – Shin’s actually waiting outside of Kyu-won’s house, with a smile on his face, and she’s pleasantly surprised to see him there. “I guess we will have to hold hands if we don’t want them to hit each other” – and with that, he grabs her hand! Meanwhile the parents have an encounter of their own.

He’s come to walk with her to school, not taking his bike because she can’t ride it anyways. They bump into each other outside their respective houses and go for coffee.

Sun-ki (the father) finds out that Ji-young’s son is the infamous “arrogant prince” in Kyu-won’s stories, and wonders if he should have his daughter stop seeing her son.

You see, he’s planning on moving to Seoul, and it’s not just because he wants to take care of his aging father. Good think Ji-young stops him in his tracks and tells him not to talk about it.

Shin and Kyu-won go on their date at an ice cream parlor, but guess who sees them as they pass by the store? Immediately they peer through the windows to see if the girl he’s with is really Kyu-won. He stops Kyu-won from turning and seeing them, and sighs in relief when the Three Angry Girls go skipping away.

As they leave the parlor, they bump into Bo-woon, who’s surprised to see her there with Shin.

She leads Kyu-won away, leaving Shin to follow them a ways behind.

Bo-woon wants to know if something happened with Shin during camp, but Kyu-won denies that anything happened.


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