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by Omid Safi, Colgate University Ramadan was simpler in my childhood: It was about date omelets. to have a suhur, also called sahari, meaning a dawn-time meal.

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My father used to tell us that fasting was a privilege.

He said that we chose to not eat from sun up to sundown, whereas there are people in the world for whom not eating lunch or snacks was a daily fact of life.

In being hungry, we are to feel their pain and suffering.

She would take four or five fresh dates, cook them in some butter (no margarine, please), and then mix it with some scrambled eggs. Oh, and a tall glass of chocolate milk, and another glass of water. Kids are not required to fast for the month of Ramadan.

(Neither are the elderly, the sick, those who are traveling, women who are nursing or pregnant, etc.) As children, we didn't have to fast, and yet it was an important rite of passage to wake up with our family.

Ramadan was, and continues to be, a more spiritual time around our households. Ramadan is about food, and it is about more than food. People watch what they say, what they listen to, what they look at.People are a bit more considerate, a bit more mindful. Even my family members who did not do the regular five-times-a-day prayers fasted. The words were spoken with a bit more compassion, and folks ended arguments before they began by reminding each other that it was Ramadan.Getting out of bed was always a titanic struggle, but not on Ramadan mornings.We got to have a special treat on those days: date omelets.My mom, God bless her precious heart, would get up at 4 in the Ramadan morning and cook sahari for us.We got to have date omelets, which must have at least eight thousand calories. We were not allowed to have date omelets at any other time of the year, no matter how much we begged for it.


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