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Yes, it's possible he's a wimp or insecure (and therefore not really robust dating material anyway).

But it's far more likely he's e-blasting winks to innumerable women to see what kind of responses he'll solicit.

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Maybe you're inwardly flattered, but generally you ignore such attention. "Hmmmm" may be Man Code for many things (e.g., "sleeping with you might be interesting," or "I'm bored so please entertain me with witty online banter").

You certainly don't whistle back -- or go and start a conversation! It signals ambivalence and/or arrogance -- not decisiveness and determination.

See if your online dating site allows you to set your preferences to block winks, so that you won't be tempted down this time-wasting path. Subject bars that go "Hmmmmmmm....." You do not want to date Mr. If you're having trouble understanding why "Hmmmm" is problematic, then try this exercise.

Start imagining yourself as your favorite, sexiest, most desirable celebrity -- Angelina, Beyonce, Gisele, etc.

No man who truly recognizes you for the Dreamgirl you are would risk alienating -- or even confusing -- you with such a lame, passive-aggressive come-on. He has no picture posted -- or, at the other extreme, he's got a veritable picture gallery displayed.

If you MUST reply, write back "Hmmm yourself" -- and NOTHING else. There's really no good reason for an unmarried, normal looking man not to have a picture publicly available if he's got an online dating account.

Conversely, the man with multiple photos may be on an ego trip.

Want to avoid the disappointments and aggravation of online dating? Pick the wrong ones and you'll waste time and energy, occasionally suffering wipe-outs that can leave you dazed, distracted and dispirited when the right man or wave comes along.

Girlfriends, you know what I'm talking about: the "no-show" flakes, the chronic complainers, the promising first couple of dates that lead nowhere? Signing up for online dating can be a little like learning to surf. Fortunately, men will signal their intentions and level of interest, usually in their very first e-mail. My goal for the women I coach is to go from receiving a few dozen e-mails a month to a few hundred, at which point weeding out the unsuitable and the un-serious becomes of paramount importance.


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