Retailers liquidating divorced desperate dating

The economy has certainly done a number on many electronics companies.

But no struggles have been more documented than those of Circuit City and Tweeter, which both have begun liquidating and closing stores.

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Retailers liquidating

It seems that many people manage to liquidate American Express gift cards over the last year or so.

I still haven’t been able to grasp all the methods since people have been pretty tight lipped about it. The whole point of this is the churning of these Am Ex gift cards into cash in order to rinse and repeat.

You do it enough time and 3% of say $10,000 is $300 cash profit.

Whether it’s due to poor management, competition, tough times or even crazy advertisements, big-box chains will always come and go.

We wanted to stir up some fond (or not so fond) memories of defunct electronics retailers of years past.

While this certainly is only a partial list, we’ve rounded up our favorites from Federated to Crazy Eddie and The Good Guys.

Click here to view 10 failed electronics retailers throughout the years.

From Good Housekeeping Nearly 80 Sears and Kmart stores will close down in the next few months, according to Sears Holding, parent company of the two retailers, which is shuttering 68 Kmarts and 10 Sears.

Nearly all the stores will close by July, with two Kmarts closing up in September.

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