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A document of this nature cannot cover every circumstance that may be encountered in the diverse, complex social setting of public schools.

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NOTE TO PARENTS You are the first and most important teacher your child will ever have.

You will have the opportunity during this year to influence the handbook contents through your sincere participation in school elections, school activities, and daily school life.

Because this is a student handbook it has had student input over the past several years.

Therefore, administrators charged with the responsibility of creating and maintaining a physically safe and appropriate learning environment may find it necessary to use options and procedures not covered in this handbook.

As a citizen of this school, you are expected to follow the rules that are established for the welfare of the entire student body.

We look forward to another exciting and challenging year.

April 6, 2016 1 day No School May 20, 2016 Bad Weather Days 1 day April 29, 2016 1 day May 6, 2016 1 day May 13, 2016 WELCOME The staff of Caney Valley welcomes you to our school.

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