Rupert friend dating aimee mullins

) @eatkinsdiet as our Officiant (The Most Divine) @betonyvernon as our Witness..elopement in the field got moved into the compost shed.

Our kind of magical day.❤️👰🏼👨🏻🔛🍾❤️ A photo posted by Aimee Mullins (@aimeemullinsnyc) on Our rainy day wedding in a magical hobbit-y compost shed...vintage silk and muddy booties, a bespoke suit for Rupert with a vibrant blue-purple lining, and champagne all around A photo posted by Aimee Mullins (@aimeemullinsnyc) on Wedding bouquet being made the night before at my favorite corner flower stand..bad I forgot to bring it with me to the actual wedding.

To those of you who aren’t aware, Aimee is super inspiring!

Rupert Friend has revealed he secretly got married a month ago.

The Homeland star tied the knot with Paralympic athlete Aimee Mullins in May, but waited four weeks until he spilled the beans on Instagram.

Rupert shared a wedding picture of the smitten pair and wrote: “Today is the one-month anniversary of being happily married [email protected] Mullins!

#ilovemywife.” Aimee, a double amputee, uploaded a series of snaps of their nuptials.

And before she retired from competitive track and field, Aimee had set a whopping total of three world records! The event’s host gave the couple a congratulatory shout out after Aimee accidentally referred to Rupert as her fiancé on the red carpet. According to onlookers, the pair was blissfully in love the entire night!

“He was very doting the whole night, pulling out her chair, opening the car door…They were really adorable, just enjoying the night and each other’s company,” a source told the This is Rupert’s first serious relationship after calling it quits with Keira Knightley in 2011.She wrote: “Celebrating one beautiful month of being married to my best Friend!The 1st of May was a gorgeous rainy day with (The Most Reverend!) @eatkinsdiet as our Officiant (The Most Divine) @betonyvernon as our Witness…an elopement in the field got moved into the compost shed.Our kind of magical day.” Celebrating one beautiful month of being married to my best Friend!


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