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Introducing the Primeval Warrior, Grizzled Veteran, Soldier of Fortune and Mercenary medals. Instead of a sniper rifle, you have a bow that allows you to move around faster while firing, and fire more quickly than the sniper rifle.Let those young punks know they're fighting alongside a REAL mercenary with some tours of duty under his hole-riddled belt. And now you've got the metal on your chest to prove it, son. Works better at medium range than the standard rifle Added new watch replacement, the Dead Ringer.

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As often happens, we emerged from thirty minutes of Valve Time, covered with bed sores and sporting full beards, to discover weeks had passed.

While we were out, somebody here shipped 19 more updates originally scheduled for release in 2008.

At any rate, welcome to the 119th Update celebration, as we look back on three(ish) solid years of updates!

You knew we wouldn't make you read through a mess of self-congratulatory back-patting if there wasn't some free stuff for you at the end of it, right?

So it's been while since TF2 had an update, and one just came out yesterday.

But I can't update my server: it just fails to update, here's the I use for updating: TF2_-command update -game "tf" -dir D:\TF2_Server Suggestions?

If TF2 has moved to VPK, how come my server has not?

It's been a busy afternoon here iterating, polishing and playtesting a blog post to commemorate Team Fortress' one hundredth update.

Upon de-cloaking you'll make a loud, distinct sound "Added a balcony at 2-1 that I've rotated and cleaned up so it's a much better point, it attracts less sentry spam but is still holdable.

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