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There’s no need to turn down the volume of your enthusiasm, but before starting your own NGO, consider joining one that does similar work for a while.

If starting your own NGO really is right for you, the experience of working for an established NGO will only strengthen your resolve and direct your passion.

Maybe you’ll find that NGOs are not your life calling after all.

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Now, I’m venturing out to start my own NGO, Documentary Arts, Asia.

The following steps will help get your own NGO up and running: Many new activists are ready to commit their lives to “the cause.” Some are even willing to die for it.

Most of these enthusiastic newbies are nowhere to be found a few months later.

“It is amazing to see how many people have seen and commented on this article. Most all of the 200+ commenters seemed to have overlooked steps 1-6 and went to funding as the beginning point for starting an NGO.

This approach will not be successful, in the short term or long term.

First, you need to do something, anything, yourself with what is locally available (step 1).

It will give you experience, credibility, and maybe even publicity.

Start small and do what you can for a few months with what you have.

After this experience your goals and how to reach them will be more clear (step 3) and you can make an action plan (step 4) and a website or free blog (step 5) showing what you have done and a clear plan for what you intend to do.


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