Sex chat with anime

As long as that value is higher than 0% there is a chance for success.

Sex chat with anime-18Sex chat with anime-26

will pause the interaction, hide the HUD, and make the camera controls available.

It is important to note that when the interaction is paused, the rest of the game is not.

Other NPCs can still be doing things while your interaction with someone else is paused.

Other NPCs can also interrupt your interaction even if it is paused. The % value shown when interacting with somebody represents the chance of the character to accept the action.

After three uses on the same character the success rate will become 0% and that character will tell you to stop, making them angry.

The success rate is influenced by traits, mood, character stats and favorability rating.Note that a failed interaction will not necessarily decrease the NPC's opinion.A NPC can either directly refuse, decreasing their opinion on you, or can say "another time", leaving their opinion unchanged.All lectures reduce the character's horniness to some extent.Success rate depends on the character's seriousness(virtue, teacher, related traits and mood) and is heavily influenced by the his/her current horniness.Teachers have a far higher success rate for these interactions.

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