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According to Online Dating magazine, more than 20 million people visit at least one online dating service each month.It is also estimated that 31 percent of adults in America say they know someone who has used an online dating service.In 2007, approximately 120,000 marriages were the result of online dating.

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You may remember that Manning is the young man accused of murdering US Airways employee Nikki Mc Phatter in 2009.

It is alleged that Mc Phatter, who met Manning online, drove to South Carolina to end their relationship because of Manning's refusal to make a long-term commitment.

Manning is accused of shooting Mc Phatter, putting her body in a car, and setting it on fire to cover up the crime.

He allegedly enlisted the help of another girlfriend, Kendra Goodman, to burn Mc Phatter's body and to use the dead woman's ATM card, from which he withdrew $500.

To add insult to injury, Goodman and Manning apparently had sex while Mc Phatter's body was burning.

Manning was arrested based on information Goodman provided, who claimed she went along with Manning's wishes out of fear for her life.

Prosecutors have refused to offer Manning, who is facing a life sentence, a plea deal.

Some have suggested that Mc Phatter would never have come into contact with Manning had it not been for online dating.

The two led very different lives and it seems that their paths would not have crossed.

According to an article by John Monk in , Mc Phatter lived 90 miles away and worked at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, while Manning lived in rural Richland County and worked at the nearby Westinghouse nuclear fuel processing plant.

Blaming online dating instead of the person who did the killing, however, takes the focus off of the real culprit — domestic violence.


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