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We talked to locals, tourism boards, and our vast network of friends and contributors to find out the best times to visit all 50 states.No, we're not suggesting you base your vacation around watching grown men live vicariously through 18-year-olds.

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It's always entertaining to run across people who call themselves "well traveled," but have never been west of Ohio. We've got a big, vast nation of dramatically different states and you haven't been to two-thirds of it?

Sure, Copenhagen was lovely, but we've got 50 states to visit, and if you haven't been to many of them, maybe this year is the time to explore.

And while you might have heard that fall in New Hampshire or Christmas in Hawaii are the best times to visit, that's not necessarily the case.

Sure, sometimes the most popular times to visit a place are also the best, but in a lot of states there are even better times that you may not have realized.

Plus, the northern lights are most visible towards the end of the month.

There is absolutely nothing comfortable about 110 degrees, no matter how "dry" anyone says it is.But absolutely nothing beats the pleasant air of Arizona in the spring.And for the more active, hiking and kayaking through the just-changing trees is comfortable since the summer heat has subsided.The majesty of the Alaskan glaciers and the inner passage is beautiful from pretty much May to September.But unless you want to go all Al Pacino and drive yourself crazy with perpetual daylight, waiting until a little later in the summer can allow you to sleep in between glacier gazing.Humpback whales are still in full force this time of year, the temperatures can actually get all the way into the 70s, and the wildlife is highly active.

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