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This work uses long-term records of temperatures collected by colleagues at the University of Washington, as well as hind-and forecasted regimes to predict early life history sockeye salmon phenology given past, present and future temperature regimes.

Additionally, this project includes experimental rearing of sockeye embryos in the lab under present and future climate conditions in order to describe the adaptive capacity of multiple population of Bristol Bay Sockeye.

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It's the "extras" that make that $7500 per week worth the expense, if you know what I mean ;-) So Todd owns 22% of that resort Rainbow Bay?

Their website says its family owned and not by them, but I saw evidence on another blog.

But there is no proof it's a "swingers" resort is there?

I can't imagine paing 7500 a week for a place like that.

If I ever could spend that, I can think of far more interesting things to do for a vacation.

This research focuses on climate change and the potential for adaptation in Bristol Bay sockeye salmon.

In particular, we will be investigating sockeye salmon populations in the Kvichak River Watershed, specifically populations that spawn on the shores of Woody Island in Lake Iliamna and in groundwater fed ponds near the village of Pedro Bay, in the northeast corner of Lake Iliamna.

All this talk of rainbows, and while there were rainbows in the valley two days in a row, it has led to Todd Palin being a partner in this venture, the Rainbow Bay Resort, in Pedro Bay, down off Lake Illiamna.

Seems like Todd has finally found himself another job, and good for him.


  1. As pupils returned to the school on the Monday for the first time since the incident the previous Wednesday, Ms Sturgeon, who was in the city for a meeting with police and council leaders, said the Scottish Government stood ready to provide any help needed in the weeks and months ahead.'The response to this tragedy - from everyone in Aberdeen - has been truly remarkable and I hope that the community spirit and support we have seen can offer a small amount of light in the city at this difficult time.'Emotions were high during the five-day trial which saw a teenage witness break down as he gave details of the fight and the accused himself started crying when the jury heard how he was handcuffed by police who attended the school.

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  3. Not far from the Lincoln Theatre is the King Arts Complex, which hosts various cultural events.

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