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The Irish singer commissioned Hamish after seeing his Celtic artwork whilst on Maui earlier this year.The album cover is a piece of folk art entitled 'Gracehill Fair', that George thinks captured the spirit of the title track of the album.It features a traditional Celtic knotwork border and a fairground tent, with Irish musicians, dancers and spectators making merry, like you may see at an Irish country fair, any time in the last century or so.

One Hogmanay tradition that continues to this day in Scotland is that of 'First Footing'.

The first person to cross your doorway after midnight, should be a dark haired man, carrying 'handsel' - offerings of food, drink (whiskey), a piece of coal (to signify the warmth of the hearth all year), and occasionally salt (to signify wealth).

Another old custom was for men to kiss any female they met in the street, carried on today as a "New Year's Kiss".

They all had a wee dram at the turning of the Scottish year !

The great station broadcasts Celtic and other Scottish music 24/7 on 1530 AM around central Scotland, and online

The modern New The modern New Year is known as Hogmanay in Scotland, and is as big a celebration as Christmas.

Originally a gathering at standing stones to drink to the spirits, it evolved to a celebration around town and village market crosses known as 'Nollaig Beag' (Little Christmas).

Fire festivals were common, with burning torches and barrels of tar carried around town on poles.

The fire tradition continues today as fireworks in the Americas and the Hawaiian Islands.

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