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There are many CCTV cameras on the streets of Belgrade.

Obviously, they are there to monitor traffic and ensure some degree of security.

One of these surveillance cameras is maintained by the police officers at the station on highway E75, which cuts across the city from north to south.

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Although Serbia has implemented the European directives on data protection, its police department does not have clear regulations for the use of CCTV footage and access to information obtained from surveillance.

After the leaks, the country’s information commissioner started an investigation.

However, it was impossible to determine who was guilty, because they could not prove who had access to the room and the images captured by the CCTV camera.“It was not possible to identify the policeman who did this because the police did not have any regulation or system of surveillance or electronic cards for access to the space. Each policeman must now be verified when he enters the room, and uses a specific electronic card so that when they come into the room they are personally identified,” says Aleksandar Resanovic, deputy information commissioner in Serbia.“We also ordered them to use the CCTV only for security of buildings and the surroundings, and for the control of traffic on the highway.

The story attracted much publicity and even I found out, accidentally, who the young woman was during my recent trip to Serbia.

I rented an apartment in the city centre and the landlord claimed he is a neighbour of the girl, who is in her early twenties.

While the video was a You Tube success, the girl’s family walk around their neighbourhood with heads bent in shame.

No one was punished for posting the video online, despite the fact that it constitutes a serious breach of the law in terms of access to and processing of personal data – something that, incredibly, most people seem to ignore.

One morning at 3am, the CCTV camera recorded an unwitting couple having sex in the car park.

Of course, the camera was in place only for security reasons but the film was then posted on You Tube, which is a criminal act in many European countries.

Disseminating personal data recorded unlawfully or without the subject’s consent is an offence in most European states.

While the police officers blurred the faces of the couple having sex, they were identified because the registration number on their car was clearly visible.

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