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I understand what he is saying but I am still conflicted. This isn’t the first time we’ve received a letter like yours. There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content.

To me it feels like just another form of a sex chat. I had the same problem with my ex, we talked about it as I felt he was being unfaithful, it was taking over his life. If you can’t let your spouse know about it you shouldn’t be doing it.

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Because I read romance novels and have read things like . He’s getting his sexual urges fulfilled by strangers online instead of his own wife. You only know what is best for you – but you have to remember to be happy with yourself and you need to trust a person you’re sharing your life with. And anytime repeat interactions with another is kept secret, you’ve got an emotional infidelity at the very least.

Reading sex scenes in those books are entertaining but it doesn’t pertain to my real life. Fifty Shades of Hurt and Confused ______________________________________________ Dear Fifty Shades, I think you might just be the most understanding wife ever because I got upset at my husband last night when he conveniently forgot to check his texts which instructed him to start dinner for the kids. This has the potential to greatly affect your relationship. Marriage gets dull and it’s hard to keep the sexual spark alive. You don’t want to think everything is ok, and you’re the only woman on his mind – and come months later after everything has “died down” just to find out it hasn’t.

I don’t read them because I feel unfulfilled in my marriage. Man, I never thought I could get that riled up over chicken nuggets. Maybe there is a way for you to role play together in the bedroom. My point is – instead of hiding his sexual desires from you, he needs to share them with you.

The Mouthy Housewives have stuffed ourselves full of candy canes and fruit cakes and put back enough spiked eggnog to hydrate a small army.

We wanted to come back sooner but Wendi kept saying she couldn’t get the right shade of blonde for her hair, Marinka was attending a rigorous interfaith class with her cat who is now a born again Christian, Karen was obsessed with coming up with baby names for Kimye and well, Kristine was last seen near the Mexico boarder ranting and raving about Honey Boo Boo.

But we have regrouped, freshened our lip gloss and are now ready to improve your lives. ______________________________________ Dear Mouthy Housewives, I’ve learned that my husband does role play chats online.

This is basically when you pretend you are another character online with others and talk with each other for fun.

What has me conflicted is that he has been doing sex role plays with people online.

I confronted him about it the other night and he admitted to it.


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