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They found the decline is associated with a reduction in the hormone oestradiol (a form of oestrogen), but not testosterone.

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Menopause can impact on your relationship and your sex life.

Symptoms such as a dry vagina can make sex painful and you may find you have less desire for sex.

Knowing what to do and where to get help for both you and your partner is helpful.

Research from the National Ageing Research Institute and the University of Melbourne, called the ‘Women’s Healthy Ageing Project’ (a large study of women begun in 1990) found that as women transition through menopause, there can be a significant decline in sexual functioning.

At midlife and menopause many things are likely to be happening, both to your body and in your relationships.

There are partners, children, ageing or unwell parents to consider, as well as work demands and even your sense of identity as a woman.These changes can affect your sexuality, and together with the hormonal changes, sexual problems may occur.One of the key symptoms of menopause is a dry vagina.Lower levels of oestrogen directly affect your vagina and can make it thinner, drier and less elastic.Testosterone levels fall gradually with age and this can have an impact on your sex life at menopause.The domino effect of menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, sleeplessness and fatigue can make it less likely you want sex as much Some women are concerned by the changes menopause causes to their sexual lives and others are not so worried.

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