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I guess that doesn't mean it was for sure taken then but I assume it was I really thought Las Vegas would be called Knights. Nighthawks is too close to Blackhawks I don't like it. I saw the original post on fb, it was posted sunday and says "just sidney and nathan catching a ride in the rock taxi" or somethig.

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Blackhawks fans not happy about another "Hawks" team in NHL.

No announcement but when you register names you're getting serious about narrowing the list.

And don't the Winnipeg Jets have the fighter jet logo taken?

The owner registered two other names so let's be patient and we'll find out soon enough. Don't the Blackhawks have something in place another NHL team can't use "hawks' in their name?

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Can you imagine the announcers when both teams play each other?

Yet, when Tessa was 7 and Scott was 9, they dated for 2 years.

They have since not dated but are both extremely close.

They call their relationship beyond a friendship but not quite as platonic as siblings (George Strombo interview).

During their reality show, Scott Moir was dating a woman named Cassandra, but it is rumored that they have broken up since the Sochi Olympics. Yet, when Tessa was 7 and Scott was 9, they dated for 2 years.

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