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Why I love doctor who: you never know whats going to happen.

also i shows that there can be anything in the world outside our solar system can you just imagine all the wonderful thing there are to explore and all the adventures that are just sitting there waiting for someone to have them.

In his debut film, Zachary Wigon addresses the mysteries of modern communication in ways both novel and familiar.

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About me: I am a huge whovian, I love music and art. Why I love Doctor Who: I love Doctor Who because it is a sci-fi series and I am very interested in the fact of time travel.

Name: Airen Jane Age: 21 Gender: Female Location: Ohio, USA. About Me: I love just about anything sci-fi, horror, or musical related.

I’m also obsessed with coffee, history, baking, & writing.

I’m a huge Sarah Jane Smith aficionado; I could tell you everything you want to know and more about that character. Why I love Doctor Who: Simply put, I think it’s an extraordinary show.

A compilation of single Whovians who are looking to connect with others who share the same interests!

You can use this site for dating, friends, or anything else you like. And since I can’t do it quite yet I use Doctor Who as my adventure and escape. Use that to get in touch with them via their ask boxs, or reblog their posts.

Please use the submit page to be added to the site! I’m still quite a beginner but I intend to get better at it and eventually start a business. If you want to know anything else just go ahead and ask! ^-^Why I love Doctor Who: It’s all about adventure, freedom, compassion, and companionship. Anonymous asked: How do you leave notes for others? Name: Ruby Rose Noble Age: 14 Location: Tracy, California Tumblr: I don’t have one.

Name: Kiryana White Age: 21Gender: female Location: Ohio Tumblr: sweetknightsoftimeandblood Looking For: friends & my doctor ;)About Me: I’m a huge geek over a lot of things x D. I also like Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Homestuck, Vampire Academy, and lots of other things. Gender: Female Looking for: Whovian friends and hopefully boyfriend. Favorite Doctor: My favorite doctor is a mix between 9 and 10.

They are familiar with each other’s apartments, and speak with the comfortable rhythms of an established couple, though even their early scenes together hint at tension and secrecy in the relationship.

Cody suspects that Virginia is not actually in Berlin, but lives in Manhattan (he even has a map and collection of “clues” that point towards this).

It’s no spoiler to reveal that his hunch is correct, as Wigon lets the audience in on Virginia’s whereabouts and activities before Cody discovers them in a series of scenes that follow her on Craigslist and Blendr hookups.


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