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Remember that birds don’t think like us and get turned on by different things. How do you want her to feel, how do you want to move things along…. Give her little images that bind her to you specifically, imagining how are not just a random male. It all builds that little world to suck her in and feel right there, next to you. How would this story go differently if I’d said “You have your head buried in a book, something long-winded from Tolstoy”?

Girls get turned on by the psychological interplay and environmental scenario of sex. Not necessarily worse but all the details need to be consistent with where you plan on taking this. If I’d wanted to paint her as timid and nerdy I’d have used the Tolstoy line. Bring her in as a co-creator on the non-essential elements, make her work a little and feel some influence. Future projections always have an element of farce from her. This is telling her which character to play and how to feel. Much different to her pulling out a flask of cold tea (which would subconsciously lead to a relaxed, not hot, vibe). This time I’m playing up her agency, letting her be predator. You are building the emotional linkage now for how you want her to generally feel around you in future.

You want to be getting that right before moving on to the in-out part of the sex. I want to pull her in with something that has immediate buy-in while also covertly emphasising that I’m making this up as I go along and thus its showing my spontaneous creativity. You are feeding her imagination, in this case the archetypal road trip. Men are visual but women want to know the touch and smell. She’s a silly little girl who would soon send the world spiralling into chaos without your firm hand to keep things in order. It suits her temperament and switches things up from the usual where I dominate everything. More colour to feed her imagination, more fleshing out of the uninhibited bad girl character I’m setting her up as. You tell her to be hot, excited, sexy, hungry, desperate or whatever.

Here’s a chat from last night where I had Serb A masturbating. She has no doubts this is a personalised experience so that ups the attraction and rapport. I had in mind the road scene from Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. This story is about her being wild and horny, chasing me, impressing herself upon me because she wants the sex. While typing I considered having her flash her tits at the drivers but it felt wrong so I toned it down.

Picture it in your own mind and then paint a picture with a few brush strokes.

I’m finally throwing away my cigar and turning my mind to fucking her. I want her to know she can be like this with me in real life. Giving her permission to bring out this side of her.

Continuing on the theme of her being the wild uninhibited ball of steamy sexual energy. Tell the girl what you like about her, what turns you on. Girls put themselves deep into the story so feed that. At several points in the story I hammer home her obsession with my dick.


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