Speed dating agencies sydney

I turned up to find out that some of girl in the meeting are awfully familiar.I initially didn't notice anything wrong as I was a re-attending until I initiated a dead-end conversation with these girls.

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I considered it a scam just like it's sister dating site P. I only went to discounted events as it wasn't worth the $90 full price for dodgy food and a few glasses of sparkling.

Disappointed they suddenly ceased without an explanation to members.

At least my inbox isn't flooded with their emails anymore to inappropriate events.

I eventually concluded that because FI could not fill in the seats they decided to do the wrong thing and pay some girls to rock up and just to fill in the seats.

That is my theory that was confirmed by many guys and girls.

I paid .00 for speed dating event only to have the event cancelled 1 hour before it was due to start.I was given a lifetime non refundable credit and offered events well out of my criteria. I was a Fast Impressions member for several years and regularly attended the events.I have also paid to attend an event at speed dating event in Brisbane and on the day got an email saying that I didn't pay and wasn't book in.I email them my credit card bill to show them that the money has went through and they sill didn't accept even when I ask for the money back or wouldn't talk to me over the phone about the issue.They were even so rude in the emails that I was so shock when I read the emails. Would not gave good rates, as they are only after your money.I was contacted the last minute to attend a dating session on Chapel St Melbourne.


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