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Clay Haskett save the life of a beached dolphin named Winter who was so badly injured, she needed a special prosthetic fin fitted in order to survive.She was thus housed in the Clearwater Marine Hospital with a motherly dolphin named Panama.

And that's because he's not an actor -- he's the director's brother.

If you think putting an unknown sibling in a movie is funny, stick around.

Despite Harold being remarkably amateurish, the concept is there, as you'd expect from a long-time Saturday Night Live veteran like director/co-writer T. A teenage kid named Harold has a bizarre case of early baldness and an attitude to match.

The question is, is Winter's heartbreak over Panama's death too much to deal with in spite of new company?

Continue: Dolphin Tale 2 Trailer William Borgens was once a highly regarded novelist, however after a heart-breaking divorce with his wife Erica who left him for a younger, more handsome man, he hasn't been able to write a single word.

He just spends his days thinking about the time they had together and spying on them through their windows.His pretty friend-with-benefits, Tricia, who is also divorced, does her best with her sometimes overly honest opinions to force him to get back to dating.Meanwhile, his promiscuous and cynical daughter Samantha is having her first book published while struggling to come to terms with the idea of love and still refusing to speak to her mother after she left her father, and his son Rusty, who is also an aspiring writer, tries to show one troubled and vulnerable girl that he is the guy for her.Continue: Stuck In Love Trailer Spencer Breslin and Abigail Breslin - Spencer Breslin and Abigail Breslin Washington DC, USA - Jane Goodall Institute's second annual Global Leadership Awards at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center Friday 7th November 2008Late in the inept comedy Harold, the title character (Spencer Breslin) arrives at a friend's house, and the pal's father comes to the front door.A close-up lingers on the dad as if to say "Check it out, a really fun cameo!" The only problem is we have no idea who this actor is.


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  2. Hollywood, in some important ways, is just like high school: All we have to do is see two people of the opposite sex standing next to each other and assume they're having a torrid love affair. However, Wilde took to Twitter to deny the rumors: "Cool it, honeybadgers.

  3. Many detective agencies in the Philippines are foreign-based investigators.

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  7. CNBC had its beginnings around 1980 as the Satellite Program Network (SPN), showing a low-budget mix of old movies, instructional and entertainment programs.

  8. So my birthday is coming up March 27, and people are asking what I might want.

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