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| | | | If you want to warp to some place quick in the entire guide, I have some | | reference points with which to do that. Press Ctrl + F and put those letters/numbers in, (brackets too) | | and you should be able to get to that exact spot. | | | |=============================================================================| \ / \ / \ \--------------- - - - - - - - - T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S ================= = = = = = = = = M? ---------------------------- Minish Woods Yep, you're here. You'll see a heart-shaped item across the pond to the north, but it's deep and you can't swim, unfortunately. When you get to the end, go south past Green Chu Chus as they appear.

77I7M M777ZOOZM M77OZMZOO M7IZOONOO MOOMOOM M7I8O M7777M7OM MM777IZOOMM Z777OZZ88D7I7MM M$$MZMMMM8OZOOO$M MMM=~? You'll eventually reach a cracked stump, head west.

=+I., MM: MMOOOOOOM MM~+===~=+++MOZOMM MOOOOOOM MM=~+==+++==MINM MOOOOOZOM N++++++=++MMM7II7M MO$OZOOZM M=~=? You'll see a small hollow log, so go north through the shallow water.

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The Legend of __ / ____| | __ \ \ / __| | | | _ \ / | | | | ___ \ ____|_____|_____|____/_/ _\ T H E M I N I S H C A P _________________________________________________________________________ / \ / Copyright 2012 Made by Banjo2553 \ |=============================================================================| | | | Hello, and welcome to my guide for The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. ---------------------------- North Hyrule Field Heading south toward Hyrule Town, you'll find that the north entrance is blocked off for now. You will see a pathway between trees blocked by small stumps. ---------------------------- Lon Lon Ranch Head south and take down the Acro-Bandits.

| | This game is available for the GBA, so it's a portable game. There's a lot of stuff you can see to the east, I'm sure, but you can't do any of that yet.

It's got the | | gimmick of Link having a buddy as a cap, that helps him shrink in size. Plus, it's a good way to start off 2012 | | with my contributions. So just continue east, past the east entrance to Hyrule Town since that's blocked off too, down to the next area. ---------------------------- Eastern Hills You can enter the house to the west, but there's nothing of interest there.

| | It's a pretty interesting game, as it serves as the origin story for the | | Four Sword arc, talking about how the Four Sword came to be as well as | | Vaati's origins. So as usual for my Zelda guides, there will be a | | thorough, 100% walkthrough, a 100% Spoiler-Free Walkthrough, and lists of | | items as a sort of appendix for the guide...basically a quick reference. Go down the stone steps, south, and across the bridge to the east.

After that, Master Smith gives you a map of the world, it should be handy.

Zelda tries to confront Vaati, but he senses she will be trouble for him, so he throws dark magic at her, turning her into stone! Afterwards, Vaati approaches the chest, and finds out there's nothing there aside from a rabble of monsters. Humans and Picori used to share that shrine as a meeting place, so it should be best to start the search there. The soldiers attempt to stop him, but he uses evil magic to throw them off and strike the Picori Blade, breaking it and releasing the evil spirits kept inside the Bound Chest. __________ ________ __________ ________ | |/ | | |/ | |BRKN PICORI SWORD| | SMITH'S SWORD | | FOUND | | FOUND | '\ | '\ | After sending the troops to search for Vaati, he tells you that deep within the woods is a place called Deepwood Shrine. ---------------------------- Hyrule Castle Garden Head south out of the garden since there's nowhere else to go. The place we need to go to is Minish Woods, over to the southeast. There's no way to get lost yet since all other entryways are closed off by locked doors. Not all of it is available though, more areas show up as you visit them. You access it by pressing Start and then L or R to switch pages until you get to the map.


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