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Thus, STAF works in a peer environment, where machines may make requests of services on other machines.

STAF was designed with the following points in mind: If you need support for another operating system, open a feature request on the STAF Source Forge web site. STAF Version 3.2.5 and later is licensed under the EPL (Eclipse Public License) V1.0.

If you can't wait, port STAF to your favorite operating system yourself since STAF is open source. STAF Versions 2.6.8 through 3.2.4 were licensed under the Common Public License (CPL) V1.0.

It is intended to make it easier to create and manage automated testcases and test environments.

STAF externalizes its capabilities through services. A service provides a focused set of functionality, such as, Logging, Process Invocation, etc.

STAFProc is the process that runs on a machine, called a STAF Client, which accepts requests and routes them to the appropriate service.

These requests may come from the local machine or from another STAF Client.

This is where you should look if you have a question about STAF V3, STAX V3, or an external STAF V3 service.

For questions about STAF V2, STAX V1, or an external STAF V2 service,.see the STAF V2 FAQ STAF stands for "Software Testing Automation Framework.As its name indicates, STAF is an automation framework.You can submit questions using the STAF Mailing Lists and the STAF Discussion Forums on Source Forge.If you are an IBMer, you may use the following IBM Forum to submit questions for STAF, STAX, and its services: As a general rule, STAF takes up very little system resources.A typical STAF installation is about 10-30 MB (depending on whether you use the installer with the integrated JVM).


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