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Other times I endeavour to write something myself often with the aid of a select following of railroaders or railfans who are knowledgeable in various matters especially something in their own baliwick.At times Bruce Chapman will forward my plea to those he feels are most likely to have knowledge in the particular location.Some time ago Bud Laws a frequent contributor of photo scans he has acquired over the years sent out a nice shot of G5 class 1258 at Montreal West.

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DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS (Not that department) One of the great things about this website is hearing from our readers, or "visitors" as they are known in the

Especially when they provide additional information or photoograps or corrections to what we have written.

All too often old photo scans come with little or no caption or even a credit.

Sometimes I pass over these photos because of this lack of caption.

These articles are a great source of technical and historical information, sometimes more than you really need to know about a subject! John Martin is back with five more of his father's photos. Added (scroll down) VIA 1418 (ex CP 1418/4060) near the end of John Street. It was also where the first sleeping car built in Canada was operated for a royal visit in 1860 by the Prince of Wales. Features their one and only electric loco 300 hauling long train of coaches. Collapsed while under construction October 6, 1898.

Nevertheless valuable for research or just plain reading about things past some of which did not turn out great or long lasting. ARTICLES Canadian National Railways Predecessors Canadian Government Railways Telephoning train orders to a moving train. These were not published in the article republished here last month. Intercolonial Added missing link (scroll to very bottom) for history continued. Shortlines Roberval-Saguenay Roster of diesels Added 25 in newer paint scheme, also, 41 one of 9 ex Long Island RR Alcos. Rail Car Ferries Ontario Car Ferry Added 1916 advertisement by Polson Iron Works for Ontario No.2 new car ferry.

Some are very technical in terms of construction materials and methods used. PHOTOGRAPHS Photograph Galleries Trains BC steam Added two photos of 3716 hauling trial run of Coast Mountaineer NRHS BC charters.

Bruce sent out a message on the party line (emailed) and got back a respone that seemed to fit the scene and so I wrote it up.

Recently Jeff Forrest a visitor who lived in Montreal West from 1955 to 1963 riding and railfanning these trains wrote to say we were wrong. Again, the jungle telegraph was sounded and amazingly we heard from someone who rode the train THAT DAY!


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