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Here at Borncamp Painting we are celebrating our 40th year in business.

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RE: I mean when you’re a kid in a 3rd world country America is this place that’s like, paved with gold. There was a lot of political and social reasons to why he couldn’t leave.

He was kind of like collateral to ensure that we would return. It’s a very long and very complicated story but yeah, life went on. And I mean, it was the first time I had my family pressure off my shoulders and I was in this place where I had the privilege of anonymity and I could be whoever I wanted. It’s hard to quiet my brain, so drinking and cocaine were such a great relief to find that. RE: Because I wanted to just continue to do what I was doing. I had a really cool job working in this boutique thing so I had money and my sister had already graduated and moved back to California so I was there alone and I was like… To be honest, the way I was drinking and using it [school] just couldn’t be sustained, something had to give.

RE: He was an engineer by trade but worked as a general contractor bidding on jobs. That was an incredible amount of freedom for somebody who is inclined to do things in excess. It was like (she takes a deep breath in and lets it out slowly): I could just be. At that point I had this cute little job, this cool boyfriend, this cute little apartment and I could just do this. Your standards get lower and lower and you’re ok with getting the bare minimum.

I paid super close attention and didn’t have any friends so it was easy to just focus on learning English and by the time I was in 7th grade I was writing essays in an honors English course.

LLL: That’s funny because when I think back to my middle school, the kids we thought were nerds were always the kids from other countries.

And now thinking about it, they were nerds but were also the ones in honors courses and now prolly own some business we’ve all heard of. Immigrant kids are under a tremendous amount of pressure because your parents make this tremendous sacrifice to bring you to this country and you have the opportunities that they never had. My Mom had to really work and really struggle to raise us.

So it’s expected that you are going to excel in school. I mean she wanted us to do well in school but it wasn’t unobtainable. We lived in a tiny studio apartment and she was putting her self through nursing school by working two jobs…like… WEll, I mean it’s not fair to say he “decided” to stay.

about 8 months ago and bought 4-5 pieces from the store.

I typically don’t like to get more than one thing from a store because I value my random approach to fashion but this store was special.

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