Thermoluminescence dating of sand dunes in rajasthan india

Hey guys i'm busy with a project which requires me to build a simple surface from contours and Breaklines.

My problem is that my surface looks like "swiss cheese" does anybody know why?

The same site may not be susceptible every year to aerial photographs, as local climatic variation affects the nature of the feature fillings; a site may only be seen once in ten or twenty years.

The use of false-color has increased the versatility of aerial photography and the development of photogrammetry allows the accurate mapping of both archaeological and geographical information.

Recording of thermographic and radar images complements photographic methods.

The palaces and temples were situated on the acropolis, which was the most strongly defended part of a city.

The best-known example is the Acropolis of Athens, where a number of temples were erected in the fifth century SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: air photography, aerophotography, aerial reconnaissance CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: A technique of photographic observation and survey of the ground from an aircraft, spacecraft, or satellite which provides detailed information about sites and features without excavation.

It is most important for locating archaeological sites before destruction of the landscape through building, road construction, or modern agricultural practices.

When viewed from the air, sites may be revealed as crop marks, soil marks, .

For example, the plan of a site, ditches, walls, pits, etc.

can be reflected in the way the crops grew (crop marks) or a pattern of dark occupation soil may show against a lighter topsoil or stone from walls may be just under the surface (soil marks).

Oblique aerial photos, from lower altitudes, detect shadows created by earthworks and permit more detailed interpretations of known sites ().

Though these can sometimes be recognized on the ground by careful fieldwalking and contour planning, much larger areas can be examined from the air and overall patterns will be clearer.


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  5. The method was developed by Willard Libby in the late 1940s and soon became a standard tool for archaeologists.

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