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US website Radar online claim to know details of at least four videos in which Sheen appears.Other tapes include a wild romp with a transsexual, later used against him in a blackmail plot, and allegedly a threesome with a man and Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller .

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Scottish-born Anna Gristina said Sheen used her former New York agency between 20, and often asked her girls if they could hook him up with any ­transsexuals.

She explained: “He never asked me, but he said to my girls.” The Mirror revealed Sheen paid more than £6.6million to stop a number of tapes being made public, including ones of him having sex with men, women and a transsexual.

One clip is said to show him having sex with a man while smoking crack cocaine.

Charlie Sheen thinks he caught HIV by having sex with a transsexual who may have recorded the encounter.

Last week, when the actor confessed to having the disease for more than four years, the 50-year-old hinted he had an idea how he contracted the virus.

The actor believes he was made HIV-positive by a transsexual he hired to come to his home in Los Angeles, said a source.

The source said: “Charlie has for a long time had a fascination with ­transsexual men.

“His curiosity got the better of him and he hired several, ordering them to his home at various times.

"He fears during one of his first encounters he was given HIV and he is concerned it was all caught on tape.


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