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This spring you are out of luck when it comes to romantic potential. You are one of the select few signs this spring with the capacity to love and be loved in return in the most extraordinary way. Between April 29 and May 23 your ruler, Venus, will move through Taurus.A testy Lunar Eclipse in your relationship sector on March 23 sets the tone for potential trouble. As a result you'll enjoy a lusty, magnetic allure that others will find impossible to resist.

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It's a short window, but this week will pack enough love in it to sustain you all the way until summer. You might have some unresolved tension to work through this spring in the relationship department.

With Mars turning retrograde in your partnership sector between April 17 and May 27, it might be a time of frustration rather than satisfaction.

If you're able to navigate this territory with patience and understand that partnership goals must be re-evaluated, you'll get through it as a couple even stronger.

This is a time you want to avoid starting a new sexual relationship at all costs, because satisfaction may elude you.

Instead, reconfigure your goals in life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

Get personal guidance for this tough season of love with an 11-Card Love Celtic Cross Tarot reading now.Be sure to read your sign's individual spring love horoscope because the universe did sprinkle this spring with just enough love potential to keep us all going until the summer!If you have high hopes that love will blossom this spring, you might want to manage your expectations.For the most part, getting what you want physically and emotionally will be quite challenging this season...Mars, the planet of assertive drive -- and the planet ruling libido -- will come to a screeching halt on April 17.He'll retrograde for the rest of spring, and won't resume direct motion until early summer.

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