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Internet safety experts advocate monitoring children’s online activity and educating them on safe, responsible use as a more constructive approach than restricting Internet access. Do I need a monitor if I already have a filter installed?

A monitor essentially records all PC and Internet activity detail, providing complete visibility to potentially unsafe activity and thereby enables more informed and more proactive involvement from parents regarding their children’s use of the Internet.

Simply explained, a filter can block certain Internet content, but provides no visibility to the many online activities that it does not or cannot block.

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When I bring it up with the hotkeys and password, no recorded information is shown. First, get the latest updates by going Tools-Exit FCA completely. In order to prevent your hard drive from being full, there is a default limit on how much space that screen shots can take. Why is Family Cyber Alert an effective monitoring choice for parents committed to their children’s online safety?

Type in your old password and enter a new password. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] My Family Cyber Alert has been running in the background. By default, screen shots are taken once every three minutes.

You can then change the port number by going Tools-Security. Click here for the Step-by-step Guide on how to configure your specific anti-virus & Anti-spyware program.

Some confusion may stem from some media reports using the two terms interchangeably.

It can also allow the parent to be aware of a change in online activity that may prompt closer inspection. safety regarding their children’s online activities. Here are some considerations toward this debate: 3. Yes, the primary functions of a monitor are very different from those of a filter.

If you get “xunzip30.ocx” error message, Click here to download the patch. This can be helpful in supporting a parent’s efforts in maintaining some ongoing dialogue with their children about online activities. Privacy When considering monitoring software, some parents wrestle with the issue of privacy vs.

It will provide a general activity summary to give parents a better feel for the typical online activity of their children.

Once this update has been installed, restart the computer. Such a tool can also serve a more preemptive purpose.

Install the Updates: Double click on the file which you downloaded to install the Windows Scripting 5.6 updates (scr56or scripten.exe). To configure this control, go to Tools- ) that will be blocked. Additionally, Family Cyber Alert can block specific websites and application access.


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