Updating a powerpoint slide tips for dating a skater

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The only way to make it work is to set (manually) in the set up dialog the speaker mode, save close Powerpoint and open it again to set it in window mode. Width = 400 End With End with Your presentation will need some means of advancing itself (as you've noticed).

What I'm looking for are the window properties that hopefully can be changed. You'd want to manually or programmatically add an advance button to each slide.

I'm hoping to get either height and width or (as is more commonly the case) the bounds of the slide show window. Show Scrollbar = mso False ' might or might not need this . Translation to Applescript is left to the discretion of the reader.

You'd need to change the slide show settings of the active presentation before launching it to do this. When you say "slide show in viewed in a window mode", you mean to set show type to window?

Because I did it with --show type of slide show settings of active presentation to slide show type WINDOW-- With this code the presentation is resized but I cannot advance with mouse click.. Should I set "window mode" in any other place rather in show type?

In the slide show setup dialog, choose "Browsed by an individual (window)". If you choose "Browsed at a kiosk (full screen)" you might be able to set the window size but would have to add navigation buttons and such; kiosk mode disables all the usual [email protected] Rindsberg I should do everything programmatically.

After having set slide show to window the powerpoint seems to be corrupted and I can't fix it neither by the slide show setup dialog.

tell application "Microsoft Power Point" set show type of slide show settings of active presentation to slide show type speaker set the SSW to run slide show slide show settings of active presentation set height of the SSW to 300 set width of the SSW to 400 end tell (the script above is directly copied from Applescript Reference) The problem is that the slideshow window is cropped but not resized. I can view all the slide but I cannot advance on mouse click.

EDIT: Definitely there are 2 ways to launch and open a PPT file on Mac with Applescript: In "" the presentation is resized.

(If I set the "window mode" manually, the mouse click works even if I THEN resize it with Applescript) If I work on Windows this problem doesn't exist.

Wild guess: You probably have to tell PPT to start the slide show in viewed in a window mode rather than full screen.

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