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Download This upgrade, together with Creative Jukebox Driver Update version 1.26.02, adds full Audible audio support and allows you to use Audible Manager to download Audible audio programs, listen to Audible audio on your computer, and transfer Audible audio to your Zen Xtra mp3 player.

Added Features or Enhancements: * Supports Audible audio Type 4.* Activates your Zen Xtra player in order to listen to and manage your Audible audio.* Enables you to navigate sections within Audible audio by using the “Goto Section” feature from the “Now Playing” screen.* Enables you to return to the last playback position of Audible programs after playing other audio tracks. The current firmware will be erased from the player.3.

Requirements: * Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows 98 SE* USB 1.1 or 2.0 port* Creative Jukebox Zen Xtra mp3 player installation: 1. Connect your player to your computer with the USB cable.4.

Updating creative zen

A "rebuilding the library" message appears on your player's LCD.

This message disappears when your player has finished rebuilding the music library.

Creative Zen Touch update permanently replaces your player's current firmware.

Your player's firmware cannot be reverted to its original once this update is installed.

This firmware is only for players that are used with Windows XP Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2 (SP1 or SP2) and Windows Media Player 10.

Be sure to back up all the audio and data files on your Zen Touch before installing this firmware update as all content will be lost when you install the new firmware.After installing the Plays For Sure firmware, use Windows Media Player 10 to restore audio and/or data files to your player.Software updates are required if you want to use any currently installed applications like Creative Media Source, NOMAD Explorer, or other track management tools with your player after installing this firmware.Installation of this firmware may take up to five minutes, and your device may restart a number of times during installation.Do not disconnect the USB cable from your player or computer during installation.Be sure to fully charge your player before updating the firmware.

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