Updating google maps with road closures

There are several mechanisms to prevent Waze from routing traffic over specific roads.

The method used depends on the reason traffic flow needs to be prevented.

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All Real-Time Closures follow the same general principles below, regardless of which method is used to submit them.

Depending on which method is used there are additional guidance and instructions in the corresponding unique subsections below.

Real Time Closures can be added to Waze in four ways: As mentioned above, if the closure is part of an event which will be impacting a large number of people in your area (i.e.

- major highway closed, city-wide marathon, natural disaster) please be sure to submit the MTE form first.

Through the Connected Citizens Program Waze shares and received information from select entities which partner with Waze.

This information can include Road Closures which are submitted to WME directly by Waze staff.

To ease the burden of teaching and submitting closures, Wazers are encouraged to promote these relationships with their local governing entities.

Do NOT use any of the tools discussed on this page for lane closures.

These methods of controlling traffic flow are only to be used when a segment is completely closed in one or both directions to all public through traffic temporarily.

Roads on the map often need to be closed for a variety of reasons; ranging from planned construction or a large-scale event, to emergency closures for accidents or natural disasters.

These are called Real-Time Closures, and will be discussed in detail on this page.

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