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Meanwhile they are modeling all the cars as we speak for the full game. come on kid you have been using your other name so much we dont see the classic Kmart anymore what happened? do you think your to good for open zone or something?Each day they model one or more full cars for GT5, so relax. lol Kmart why do you care if GT5P get damamge you dont own a PS3 I want the Damage Update more than anything else right now... The series has just went down hill after GT3 though.Polyphony said it was supposed to be coming sometime this Fall, but Polyphony needs to just put all their focus into the full version of GT5 because I do not want to wait until 2010 to play the ultimate racing simulator... I know I know, the graphics in Prolouge are probably the best on any game to date, even compared to Metal Gear.

I was absolutely bored with Prolouge, and the online without private rooms and voice chat really just showed me that Polyphony still doesn't understand the concept of what a next gen online game should have standardize.

I wont buy GT5 if you can race your friends in a private match or if it doesn't have voice chat. Maybe a couple more F1 cars Add 4-5 tracks and make it HOME intergrated and i will be more then happy playing this game a couple hours a week till the new one drops my arcade racer is Burnout and maybe Motor Storm But this is the year 2008.

You pretty much nailed it on the head there, said the same things myself after i played this for a couple of days, just be prepared for a load of disagrees, having a go at this game is almost sacriledge to some people. awesome looking racing game but my one gripe and its a big one Online set up is lame! If Forza can do everything that GT did but better and if all that GT is great graphics then I know which game Im gonna be playing over what.

Im a total Sony fanboy, I freakin adore my ps3, but if Polyphony cant get with the times im not gonna be like them and not be logical about what racing game I would prefer to play.

I hope to god that GT5 is everything I dreamed it would be,, perfect single player and perfect online.

I just got this gut feeling that its not gonna turn out like I anticipated.But if Polyphony fails I guess I will just have to stick with Motorstorm 2 and Midnight Club L. As for damage i couldint care less thats not wat GT is about and dont bring that crap fonza into it there damage is bullshit as well the only thing fonza got right is online play and thats all GT needs is private rooms, give us that and then they can leave prologe alone and just work on the full game. The MART is sitting at home with his white psp thinking: "Sony is bad, they said there will be a white ps3 and damage modelling in GT5: P and now .. EDIT - The italian translated by me (properly) because google translator is rubbish at italian: This evening, I discovered a new update for GT5!There's no official changelog here's what I found: New car: Audi R8! Man I just wish they could give us the Nurburgring - that track would be so sweet... That's a good question, not sure because I put the game in and bought the car.. UPDATE*** seems to be a new video too which is free called Ferrari California Debut...New backdrop for the home page (underground parking) New Music What can I say? Although in my case, I performed the update through the network menu. then after you restart up pops this download and you get this amazing trailer of the R8 as an intro video and it looks amazing... under GT TV Focusing on Prologue and the full game is the same thing.They're using Prologue to test code, physics, changes and other things.


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