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The Nokia N96 was just released a while ago and there’s already a firmware upgrade! The colour is super vibrant, very realistic and very clear. Dailymobile has posted a comparison on this and here are some photos taken from there. N85 screen As you can see here, the image on N85(right) is higher in contrast and more saturated. Here’s a video of Jonas Geust intorducing the 3 models briefly and then the people behind the Nseries production. even talked to a few friends about the latest Nokia offerings. lol Cos they came out with this Limited Edition N96 website recently and you can get the N96 from joining the contest, or just donating to WWF .The new V11.018 seems to be able to fix a lot of the known bugs. Share This The Nokia N96 is finally out in the market here in Malaysia. I had to set the N96 screen to the brightest in order to catch up with the N85’s screen which was just set to medium brightness. Can you see how must smaller and thinner the N79 is compared to the N82? Here’s a video to show you the clarity, brightness and the colour on the N85 screen. Try to hear the sound effect when the slider is pushed up. Here comes some comparison between N85(bottom) and N96(top) Its very obvious that the N85 screen produces more natural image preview with more yellow tint. Most of the people I asked seems to like the N85 more than the supposedly Nokia’s flagship model this year, the N96. Check out Face The Follow me on Twitter for more updates! Changelog from Symbian-freak Fixed issues in this SW releases * DM settings aren’t generated automatically, when Email settings are defined in variant * Audio: Phone resets when plugging-unplugging headset for several times during music playback * Video call: White or black screen flashes when power saver time-out expires during an active video call * 3D Ringing tone is too low, almost nothing cannot be heard during MT voice call * Illumination with Voice call: During an active voice call, power saver displays when power saver time-out expires and then phone goes to sleep mode while the call is still ongoing * Image Quality improvements System stability and performance improvements * Device slows down when large numbers of pictures are transferred to the device * Slow to open the Reply screen for an SMS * View Serv12 crashes under high CPU load * Phone jams or resets when taking photo during low power audio playback * Phone freezes after a new SMS is received during Visual Radio playback * Other error fixes related to general system stability improvements BONUS Known issue in this release: 1.1.1 Real Player and Streaming * H264 playback crashes when start to play H.264 live streaming link * treaming of live content may cause phone to freeze * RTSP link truncation problem. * OTC – First time subscription must be seamless to the end user by pressing just one key. I was actually schocked to see the menu icon animation… Another surprise for me cos previously I didnt hear it when I played with it at the N96 launch. The flower on N85 is more vibrant and has more red in it. As far as I understand, N8X series is supposed to be a level lower than the N9X series as they are less featureful, or sometimes not as attractive. since I have been waiting for that since I played with it in Sydney in February.

The ex-flagship device, the N96 and also the E51 got firmware updates too. Apparently the official changelog is not found anywhere but from the Nokia Software Update website, the changelog was listed quite briefly: More info at Click on the links for step by step guide on the respective methods. When she told me about it I told her that she can actually update it’s firmware over the air. Then go to options, and click on ‘Check For Updates’. When I reach home, I’ll battle some N-gage online players from another country in a game of Reset Generation or ONE. I’ll then let my N96 to download the podcast files over wifi and off to bed I go. I have upgraded the firmware twice within 1 month of usage.

You can update the firmwares on your phones via FOTA by pressing *#0000# n then click “check for updates” or you can get it via the Nokia Software Updater. Now for those who are still updating firmware via the Nokia Software Updater, probably you can try this. If there is a newer firmware version for your phone model, you will be prompted to download and install it. although you may not need to so if you are using N96 cos updating firmware does not erase contents anymore. Nokia knew how slow it was thats why they rolled out 2 updates to fix it… Been waiting for it to be mine for so long since February and finally got it. View more at Daily Mobile Follow me on Twitter for more updates! Share This After all the talk about N85 and N79, let’s come back to the event itself. The hall has booths for users to play Asphalt 3D on N-Gage using the N96…

Share This You can either get this update Over The Air(OTA) or using the Nokia Software Updater. Share This My aunt who is using the Nokia N96 had some difficulty updating firmware as she does not have a computer. In there, you will see the current firmware version and some extra information. I guess it’s fun to list out what I do daily with my N96… lol When I am in the office, I will lift out the kickstand, switch on my video podcasts and place my N96 under my LCD monitor so that I can watch while doing my work. Then I’ll open Friend View, update my location and status. Right before I go to sleep, I’ll update my podcasts subscription list to check if there are any new ones. Once I showed my friend a video on the N96 and he had to give it back to me after like 10 seconds cos he couldn’t stand the ear piercing loudness on the N96 at 100% volume… cos he commented that the sound was damn loud but it doesn’t break… Imagine accessing some settings in the “tools general” with just 2 clicks. I admit it is now a lot more solid looking then my old N95 but seriously.. The top part of the phone (the part with the screen) moves about 1mm up and down when its not slided out. Other than that, the backplate/cover of the phone is very flimsy and thin that it feels very plasticky - Super slow…

Do so, and the phone will install and restart by itself… (This OTA firmware update thing works on most new Nseries too. but somehow opening new SMS, replying SMS and switching from a running app to the main menu takes about 10 seconds respectively. Somehow I feel that my old N95 took better pictures. Share This Wow Nokia must have been trying hard to make the N96 bugless eh? It’s still charging so I havent got to play with it yet… Share This I got to re-experience the new Nesries models yesterday along with some of their siblings. and on the other side of the hall sports some other booths highlighting some features of the N96.

Sometimes I hope I get stucked in the traffic longer so that I can check each and every site that I bookmarked. When I’m off work, I sometimes go meet my friends for dinner or movies. I guess it’s time I write about the 3 things I love and hate about it. 2.8″ is what I think should be the standard for all mobile phone screens from now on.. or else many of us will have to squint our eyes in order to read SMS or to surf the web. I have never thought a phone can be as loud as this. Yes it has been around since the N78 but not my N82. With the shortcuts aligned to the side of the screen, I can now put up my nice wallpaper while having the shortcuts on. It links to more apps and options in the phone too.

I usually set a few alarm times so that it will make noise at different times to slowly wake me up. When I’m stucked in the traffic jam, I will check on all my bookmarks using the built in browser. few more days and it will be my 1 month anniversary with the Nokia flagship device, N96. I think all phones should have screen as big as this(touchscreens not included)..

Sometimes it only takes about 5 seconds which makes me go “WOW, why suddenly so fast? At times, when you take photos at dark places, the photo will turn to black and white.. yea I don’t know why this happens but every time I point my phone to a dark place the photo will lose its colour.. Cos there is yet another firmware upgrade(v11.101) for the flagship model after the last update 3 weeks ago. but you can read the N96 reviews I did before this. I had the N78, N79, N82, N85 and the N96 all on the table. The event started with a speech by the new General Manager of Nokia Malaysia & Brunei, then followed another representative to present the N96. Share This YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, this is the sign!

and I had to change the white balance in order to bring out the colours again. but anyway, the N96 can really take good photos provided if the lighting and ambience is good especially close up shots. Seems like there isn’t any big fixes in this version… So you can choose to skip this if you think the current firmware serves you well enough. For now, let’s watch the unboxing video I did just now. As you can see in the photo, N79 and N78 has almost the similar length(or height, for some people) and the N85 to the N96. I realised in this prototype model, the key presses sometimes does not trigger the actions and I had to press a few times. that its the best screen i’ve ever seen on a Nokia. Share This So how better is the AM OLED screen on the N85 compared to the LCD screen on the N96 in terms of viewing images? I prefer the image on N96 screen as the blue is more saturated… Then models came on stage with the new Nseries multimedia computers and then posed for the media. N96 playing the Face The Task video on its 2.8″ screen, placed on a table supported by the kickstand that pops out from the side of the camera lens. The sign that Nokia is gonna launched its N96 soon!!!

The AMOLED screen is one of the things I m looking forward to when it comes to N85 and not forgetting the navi-wheel(which is not available in N96… which has a bigger screen(LCD) which consumes more power + DVBH technology, should be equipped with a more powerful battery but no.


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