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It helps answer the questions: Is this the same patient? The patient is in front of me; can I see their patient records from other locations right now?What I see as most valuable is that the connection you make to Common Well gets you access to all others who are connected.I'm seeing great value being placed on what Common Well can provide; no one wants to go somewhere else to log in and find something.

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They didn’t even realize at first how much care was being provided to their patients outside their region..

As a vendor that works with hundreds of other companies, what we found was that we were doing one-off integrations over and over with hundreds of different systems, including Cerner.

There wasn’t a shortage of mechanisms to do them, but they were all very proprietary and you would have to reinvent a lot of things the next time around.

For our clients, what is exciting is being able to get data from outside their immediate region.

For example, we have a client in Indiana who was able to obtain data from hundreds of miles away.

More than half of the data is from another state, which would not have been possible in the health information exchange (HIE).The myth that healthcare is local is one of those things our clients are getting the opportunity to debunk.is based on the core mission that patient records should be available regardless of where a patient seeks care. It takes a long time to wire a country and industry.A lot of the new members we have are representing the continuum of care outside the practice and hospital space.Care is increasingly moving towards other locations.Two of the core services that Common Well provides are related to patient identity and record location.


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