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2) Extract the file into a folder on your computer. (it takes about 2 minutes) 5) Once it finally finishes doing its update, it will boot back up.

updating sansa firmware-46

Assuming there's a new firmware available, the following message will appear on your lower right taskbar.

Go to the Sansa View firmware thread on the San Disk Forum. Instructions on updating the firmware manually are provided in the thread.

Click Finish after the firmware has been downloaded. METHOD 2 - Manual update by downloading the firmware from the San Disk Forum 1.

Friend of mine asked me to copy her audiobooks to her San Disk Sansa Clip, though when I did that – to my surprise any attempt to create “audiobooks” folder so the audiobook can be available under special “audiobooks” menu for which applies special rules such as no shuffle etc.

But it didn’t work – I tried everything I looked up some forums and nothing…

So I checked what is the firmware in the Sansa and it was 1.18.x something.

When I looked up the Sandisk website I discovered that the latest is 1.01.35 (so this means her version of Sansa Clip was v1) and also that its firmware was clearly out of date.

In the firmware changelog there was nothing about this fix but I feeled like it really might help so I went for upgrade anyway.

Here is how to do it the “Hacker Way”: Download the firmware.

As a good habit – here is a mirror for v1 and here is mirror for v2 – just in case it is marked as unsupported and deleted from Sandisk’s website.

Now to the instructions: 1) Ensure your battery is charged to at least 50%.

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