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I’ll step through the process in Microsoft Access 2000 and Microsoft Access 2010.

If you’re using File Maker Pro or Alpha 5 or some other database management system, read through the tutorial to get an understanding of the types of validation, lookups and other shortcuts at your disposal.

I’ll give some brief directions to show you how to achieve the same results using File Maker Pro.

[Please note: I have not yet updated this article from its original version.

I plan to update the information and include info about more recent versions of Microsoft Access.

In the meantime, you should still find these instructions useful for giving you a general approach to streamlining data entry, no matter which database management system you use.] At this stage, we’ll still be working on the data structure (or ), rather than the data entry form itself.

That’s because Access (as well as most other database systems) lets us lay the foundations for efficient form design while we’re working on the table definition process.

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